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Kami Industrial Co., Ltd

Building 2, Yinjin Tech Park, Fengjing South Road, Guangming New District, Shenzhen, China.


Why kami

Kami is a professional cash drawer manufacturer located in Shenzhen, China.After decades development, Kami holds Classic Series, Slide Series, Dual Case Series, Double Elite Series, Overload Series, Flip Top Series, Economic Series, Jalor Series, total 8 series over 100 model cash drawers.

With the technology improvement, new function such as WiFi, Bluetooth start to be used in cloud computering tablet POS environment. Single counter cashier became more popular in shopping mall, department store, security control using card & fingerprint inside cash drawers. Kami already launched card control & fingerprint control cash drawers for some projects.

As the No. 1 OEM cash drawer manufacturer, Kami provide variety cash drawers to world class POS brand from USA, Japan, Germany, etc. Kami’s positioning & target is the best cash drawer partner worldwide.

Together with Kami, sleep well!

With Kami Cash Drawer as your OEM business partner:

Buy direct from the manufacturer (no channel conflicts)

Worldwide delivery available

Private labeling

Custom built to fit your needs

Why Kami Cash Drawers?

Tested to industry’s highest standard up to four million cycles

3-year depot warranty

Rugged steel cash drawers for challenging environments

Cash drawer customization to fit your Needs:




Media slots

Easy Drawer Removal for Retrieval of Loose Cash and Checks

3-Position Center Locks (Dimple-Key Locks Available)

Smooth-Gliding Bottom Wheel-and-Rail Systems

A Variety of Service and Warranty Programs to Meet Your Needs

Address:Building 2, Yinjin Tech Park, Fengjing South Road, Guangming New District, Shenzhen, China.. 518106

Tel:+86-755-23191110、23191129、23191139 Email:kami@kamipos.com

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